Features of iPhone

Features of iPhone

iPhone Service Center in Chennai

The Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced and popular mobile smartphone available today. No other manufacturer has fascinated and occupied consumers today with its unique user interface and multi-touch screen. It has now made a touch screen interface as the new mobile standard. Yet, there are major features that the iPhone is lost. Such features like expandable memory are lost in the iPhone that confines how much you can store on your iPhone. If there any issues with your precious Apple iPhone, you may approach the best iPhone Service Center in Chennai. In this article, you can find the top iPhone features that you wish to have.

The Phone features

The iPhone supports features like conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID and addition with cellular network features and purposes. For instance, when an incoming phone call is received, any music now being played will be muted. Once the call is ended, the normal music will resume.

Expandable memory

If you like to store more music or apps, then you are limited to the iPhone memory limit.

Third party device adds on compatibility

At this time, if you wish to enhance a keyboard, external video camera or some other devices connected to the iPhone, you cannot. You have to get Apple’s approval to get compatibility.

Drag and drop music files without iTunes

If you need to put music by just dragging files from your computer to your iPhone it is impossible. You either have to use iTunes or iTunes similar applications to do so which is a time-consuming task.

Removable battery

If you are travelling and do not have any places to charge your phone or you forgot your charging cable, then good luck charging your phone. It will be very convenient if you can eliminate and change your battery when you want. Now, if you want to remove your batteries, you have to get Apple to remove them for you or you need to remove your phone but also risking voiding your warranty.

Most of the iPhone problems include water damage, speaker problems, unlocked issues, display issues and even more. To solve all the issues you may contact the authorised Apple iPhone Service Center in Chennai.

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