Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPad Pro

Advantages of Apple iPad Pro Speed The speed is one of the most important advantages. iPad has an amazing speed. When compared to a laptop, if you want to turn on, you have to wait 3 to 5 minutes to load a program. In the case of iPad, it only takes 15 seconds to load. If you have any issues at the speed of your iPad, contact IPad Service Center in Chennai. The experts at the service centre will provide the excellent service for your iPad. Longer battery life To supply power for the large screen iPad Pro comes with the best battery. It allows you to use the iPad for 10 hours on the w...

Features of iPhone

iPhone Service Center in Chennai
Features of iPhone The Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced and popular mobile smartphone available today. No other manufacturer has fascinated and occupied consumers today with its unique user interface and multi-touch screen. It has now made a touch screen interface as the new mobile standard. Yet, there are major features that the iPhone is lost. Such features like expandable memory are lost in the iPhone that confines how much you can store on your iPhone. If there any issues with your precious Apple iPhone, you may approach the best iPhone Service Center in Chennai. In this artic...

How to unlock your iPhone device?

Looking to unlock your iPhone? Fix your unlocking issue at iCare in Chennai for any kind of consulting charge. We are using IMEI number for unlocking your device. IMEI is one of the options to unlock your iPhone so you can use internet based on your location.  Basically IMEI number has 15 digits inside your favourite iPhone. How to find your IMEI number on your iPhone device? Just you need to type *#06# on your device, it will show your IMEI number immediately. Obviously, you have to discover a respected trustworthy service to get back with new one. We are the reputed Apple iPhone service cent...